Minutes of Meeting: 6th June 2003

Minutes of Society Board meeting held on 6th June 2003, Halfway House, Stirling
Secretary: Jim Thomson

Present: Graham Hamilton, Murray MacLeod, David Gardner, Jim Thomson, Dick King, Sandy Morton, Colin Ogilvie ,Roy Guthrie, Ian Jones and John Buchan

Apologies: Neil Emslie and Nelson Robertson

Chairman’s Opening Remarks
The main purpose of the meeting was to consider an open day in conjunction with Supporters Club, Young Reds, Club and Council
Minutes of Board meeting held on 20th May 2003
These were AGREED
Open Day
Members of the supporter’s club and young reds attended to discuss this joint venture. Following a discussion on previous open days, local events elsewhere, it was generally agreed that we have given ourselves too short a timescale to arrange an Open Day.

People’s expectations are high and we would not do it justice if we did not have a decent range of activities. Details of the recent Partick Thistle open Day were passed round.

It was agreed that we approach the club with a view to organising a full scale open day in 2004, with the possibility of some PR at the first home match, or later in the autumn. It was noted that the Young Reds intend a Soccer 7’s tournament in March.

MM, DG, CO, GH and JB will examine. Sponsorship was discussed, perhaps along the lines of the Elgin City scheme, where vouchers for meals to a local fast food shop are handed out.
Player Sponsorship
A discussion was held on whom we should sponsor. Paul Hay and Mark McNally were considered. It was agreed to leave the decision until the next meeting, once signings are known.
Web Site
CO continues to update the site. JT has written to “Bell and Craig” offering an advert or link to their site.
Quiz Sheets
£185 taken in to date plus further cash to come in. It would appear there are 8 correct entries. GH and DG will mark the sheets following this meeting and make the draw for the DVD player.

Answers will be posted on the Web Site and sent out by e-mail along with details of the winner.
Car Boot Sale
MM continues to gather in items. Due to business commitments, the date and venue needs to be changed. GH, LG and MM to liase.
Supporters Direct Meeting
The Co-op sponsored it. JB and GH attended on behalf of the Trust. The Co-op intends to pilot a scheme whereby Trusts can benefit from Dividend cards. The Co-op wishes to promote community involvement. Trusts will be able to advertise in Co-op owned shops. It was noted that “All-Days” comes into this category.

Financing was covered in detail and advise on how to obtain Grants from local authorities, Awards for All. Lottery, EC Grants. A CD-ROM can be obtained, suggested it might be available from libraries or Citizens Advice Bureau. It might also be worth forming partnerships with health groups, etc.

Examples of sponsorship was given, Charlton have Railtrack, who provided local youth coaching in an attempt to attract people to their new ground. They have vastly improved attendances.

Internal business arrangements were discussed. It was recommended that a business plan is prepared. Following discussion, RG and SM agreed to look into preparing a plan. Examples of ways to raise funds through membership include Foundation members, Loan Note Shares, aka Morton, share holding by members. Events should be insured to protect interests of trust.

A general discussion followed on other Clubs experience of obtaining shares in their football club. Can we examine the Clubs articles of Association?

It was suggested that we purchase a Freepost Licences – to be considered at future meeting.

The Secretary was asked to write to MP’s, MSP’s MEP’s and local councillors to make them aware of the Trust and its aims.
90% complete, format distributed for comment
Secretaries Report
Hurragh Books has sent flier offering to sell us books re “Clubs in Crisis”. It was agreed to purchase one of each, value £23.00. We might also consider setting up a library of football related books, invite members to loan them out.

Supporters Direct AGM. It was agreed that we do not send representation this year.

Supporters Direct Board Election – Secretary instructed to nominate S Hammil, B Lomax and D Robertson, Secretary to nominate another 9 who he considers best fits the criteria
Treasurers Report
£1,377.65 in account.

Currently preparing “matching funding” statement.
DK has not yet had reply from Club or feedback from Stirling Council. He will make further attempts to progress this issue. The proposed terms were discussed and agreed, RG suggested that we include provision for trackside advertising. This was approved, a clause will be included subject to reasonable cost.
J Proctor has asked to attend one of our business meetings, agreed. The date, time and place of the next meeting will be notified, once DK has been able to get clarity from Stirling Council and the Club, on them recognising the Trust.