Minutes of Meeting: 24th October 2002

The first executive meeting of the trust was held in the Cowane Centre on the 24th October 2002.
Secretary: Jim Thomson

Attendance: John Buchan, Robert Cunningham, Neil Emslie, David Gardner, Linda A Graham, Graham Hamilton, Richard King, Murray McLeod, Sandy Morton, Colin S. Ogilvie, Nelson Robertson, Jim Thomson

The minutes of the formal launch meeting on 22nd September were examined. One change was made, Iain McKay sent his apologies, he did not attend. The amended minutes were approved . Proposed by N Emslie, seconded by L Graham.
Registration of Trust. – Dick King explained the arrangements for registering the trust with Cobbetts Solicitors. The registration fee is paid direct by the Supporters Direct. Supporters Direct will make available a start up fund of £1,000 less the registration fee. That means we will have around £750 available, to pay foe letter heads and general admin. The money cannot be spent on shares. The Albion trust must match Pound for Pound, the cost, i.e . 50% of cost paid by Supporters Direct. We have up to 3 years to claim.
Registered Office – Bell and Craig Solicitors are the only one of 8 solicitors to have responded so far to our request to have their address used as our registered address. It was agreed to use them, provided there is no rental. It was noted that we may have to erect a plate, paid for by the Trust.
Membership – To date we have concentrated on signing up the people who expressed interest in the trust. It was agreed to widen our horizons, initially by concentrating on our fan base through a newsletter, then attempt to attract the wider public and businesses. It was agreed that we need to have the trust better known before approaching businesses.
It was agreed that we write to Stirling Observer letters page. It was noted that Central FM carried an interview with the Falkirk Trust, they have around 300 members. Their Trust has been well received by the Club.
Bank Account. Membership fees were handed over to the Treasurer, an account will be set up.
Other Business
It was agreed that the trust would sponsor a player initially, perhaps a full game later in the season.
Approaching the Club. Dick King is to write inviting the Directors to meet with two members of the Trust, perhaps in informal surroundings. Sandy Morton agreed to attend, along with Dick King.
Membership Cards. Colin Ogilvie is to source information on printing membership cards. D Gardner will approach Colin Hamilton about artwork for Logo.
Graham Hamilton will pull together information for news-letter, we need articles. Supporters Club and Supporters Direct to be approached for contributions.
It was agreed that we attempt to get 100 members signed up by AGM in February.
Supporters Trust Workshop on Sunday 17th November. Agreed to attend, Dick King, Jim Thomson, Graham Hamilton. Nelson Robertson will be available if required.
Charity Quiz on 26th October. Trust will take part and make a donation
Fundraising – A sub committee is to be formed. Neil Emslie, David Gardner and Linda Graham. We are to bring our thoughts to next meeting, the working party will then consider them. Quiz nights, Race Nights and Car Boot Sales were mentioned.
Meetings will be held monthly. Venues considered were Dunblane Golf Club and Halfway House. (Murray McLeod confirmed that the prop. Of the Halfway House would oblige.)

Next meeting will take place 28th November, in the Halfway House at 7.30pm.
The meeting is open to any member of the Albion Supporters Trust