Minutes of Meeting: 22nd September 2002

A meeting was held in the King Robert Hotel on the 22nd September 2002 to formally launch the Trust.
Secretary: Jim Thomson

Attendance: David Bloomfield, Andrew Brown, John Buchan, Robert Cunningham, Paul Dumbleton, Edward Dumbleton, Neil and Denise Emslie, David Gardner, Graham Hamilton, Richard King, Alan Mathewson, Archie McCaskell, Robbie McGregor, Colin S. Ogilvie, Allan Pratt, Bill Regan, Douglas Riddell, James Smith, Archie Strang, Jim Thomson, Murray McLeod, Bill Regan, Ian Mackay, Linda A Graham, Brian Buchanan, James Easson, Alex Green, Sandy Morton., James Proctor.

Apologies: Gordon Cooper, Colin Hunter, Ian Jones, Roy Guthrie, Crawford Logan, Donald McLaren, Ian Murrie, David Ogilvie, Nelson Robertson, John Turnbull, Lynne and Jim Watson.

Report back from the Working Party
(Jim Thomson and Dick King)
Adoption of the Rules of the Trust – Chaired by James Proctor of “Supporters Direct”
Election of Office Bearers
Open Discussion
James Proctor opened the meeting and gave a brief description of his role within Supporters Direct.
Jim Thomson explained why the trust was being set up, following the initial public meeting held on 30th June, where the Clubs current financial position was explained, along with the Councils proposals regarding the rent of Forthbank Stadium. Dick King described the working party meetings at which the draft constitution was set up, based on model documents supplied by Supporters Direct.
Copies of the Trust Rules were then examined in detail. James Proctor asked if there were any amendments proposed from the floor. There were none. Dick King moved that the rules be accepted, seconded by Paul Dumbleton. The meeting then agreed to accept the rules.
A vote of thanks was taken for the working party members, Dick King, Graham Hamilton, Nelson Robertson and Colin Ogilvie.
Office Bearers were then elected:

Chairperson – Dick King, proposed by Jim Thomson, seconded by Archie McCaskell
Vice Chair – Graham Hamilton, proposed by Neil Emslie, seconded by Colin Ogilvie
Treasurer – Sandy Morton, proposed by Graham Hamilton, seconded by Alan Pratt
Secretary – Jim Thomson, proposed by John Buchan, seconded by Robert Cunningham
Members – C Ogilvie, J Buchan, N Emslie, N Robertson, R Cunningham, L Graham, D Gardner, M McLeod

The executive committee is an interim one and will be in place to set up the formal trust, thereafter an AGM will be held, probably in February 2003.
There then followed a question and answer session followed by a vote of thanks for James Proctor.
Other matters.
The membership fee was agreed at £10 per annum for people in work, £5 for others.
The web site will be developed further.
The Secretary is to write to local solicitors with a view to establishing a registered office.
The Treasurer is to set up a bank account.
Executive meetings will be open to member wishing to attend.
The 1st meeting of the committee will take place on Thursday 24th October at 7.30pm in the Cowane Centre.