Minutes of Meeting: 20th May 2003

inutes of Society Board meeting held on 20th May 2003, Halfway House, Stirling
Secretary: Jim Thomson

Present: Graham Hamilton, Murray MacLeod, David Gardner, Linda Graham, Jim Thomson, Dick King, Sandy Morton, Colin Ogilvie, Nelson Robertson and Neil Emslie

Apologies: Robert Cunningham, John Buchan

Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Robert Cunningham has sent his apologies, owing to illness. Linda was asked to convey our best wishes. Although it would be covered later, the Chairman made mention of the success of the Bingo with thanks due to Robert and Linda.
Minutes of Board meeting held on 15 April 2003
These were AGREED.

Matters arising
Period of office for Board Members. – It was agreed that we defer the decision on who the 6 members due to retire will be. There may be persons willing to stand down so it would be inappropriate to select them now. We will draw lots to determine the others. This will take place the meeting prior to the AGM. The AGM will be held at the turn of the year.
Co-option of Board members. – The Secretary has written to Stirling Council, inviting them to co-opt a member.
Player Sponsorship – Ongoing.
Relationship with Club – We have been unable to establish the progress made with negotiations between Stirling Council and the Club. DK will make contact with the Council and report back.
Web-site – Colin asked the Secretary for an electronic copy of all previous minutes. Colin circulated a copy of the “cut-down” version of the Trust Rules. It was agreed that they were suitable for posting on the site. The advert for the Halfway House will be posted soon, along with details of recent events.
Logo – outstanding.
Quiz sheets are being sold. They have to be returned by 30 May. DG and GH will mark them and announce winner. The results and answers will be posted on the web site and E Mailed to all members.
Car Boot Sale – still collecting items for sale. Elec. goods should be working prior to sale. It was agreed to participate on 15 June, subject to a check on weather forecast. JT agreed to make up posters informing people that proceeds will go the Trust’s community fund.
Bingo Night. – Around 100 people attended. The net profit amounted to £628.00.

RC would like to send a letter of thanks to all those who assisted with the event or donated prizes. JT to send RC headed paper. LG thanked all who helped, both she and Robert learnt a lot from the event, and said next year’s event will be even better.

It was agreed that the list of donors be posted on the Web Site.
Supporters Club Dinner. GH presented our trophy to Paul Hay, who in turn gave a humorous speech in reply. The overall event was very successful. Mention was made of the fact that Stef. Torrance had closed the presentations by making mention that the Club, Supporters Club, Young Reds and Supporters Trust have to work together for the benefit of the Club, this was warmly applauded by all.
Supporters Direct meeting on 1st June. JB, GH and DG will attend. DK gave out details of the venue and timetable.
Secretaries Report and Membership
All members have now been sent membership cards. JT suggested we experiment with a leaflet drop of around 200 house, in say Dunblane. This was agreed, suggested we target new houses. Leaflet will be focussed and contain some humour. JT, RC and GH will prepare draft leaflet.

It was confirmed that the Trust is now registered with the Licensing Authority. We will quote license number on all future fund raising material.
Treasurers Report
Written report handed to Secretary. Including the proceeds of the Bingo night, the account stands at £1,245 with income from the quiz sheet still coming in.

SM will examine our expenses and make representation to Supporters Direct for “matching funding” allocation.

A discussion followed on whether we should set up a separate bank account for the Community Fund. It was felt that we had insufficient funds meantime to do this. SM can easily identify community fund income.

It was noted that the trust donated a toaster to the Halfway House charity event.

We have still to purchase the prize for the quiz .
Terms and Conditions of Agreement between Club/Trust
A document entitled “Suggestions for Agreement between Trust and Club” was circulated for discussion.

Seven conditions were discussed –
Accuracy of Information
Funding in exchange for shares or other specified purpose
Terms for Trust Member to be appointed as Club Director/Executive member
Liaison between Club and Trust
Arrangements for regular meetings between Club and Trust
Arrangements to agree agenda for the meetings
A discussion followed on whether we seek a place on the Board of the Club or to be represented at Board level on specific matters. It was noted that the Board will discuss matters that have to remain confidential, this would be in conflict with the need for the Trust Representative to report back to its members. It was agreed that we take away the draft agreement and contact DK or NR with our comments ASAP.

The meeting agreed to keep the same Trust members as our representatives in future discussions with the Club. It was noted that it might not be appropriate to always send 4 representatives, this can be discussed with the Club.

It was further noted that negotiations with the Club are due to take place soon, DK will contact Stirling Council as noted in earlier discussions.
University Involvement with Trust
It was felt that the student population should be targeted for membership and potential support for the Club. A discussion followed on ways the Club might entice students to attend games. One suggestion was a book of tickets for say 5 league games, allowing the students to select the games they wish to attend. JT to write to the Club with this suggestion. It was also noted that it was difficult for non-car owners to attend. GH will get hold of Bus timetable and see if we can produce literature on available routes to Forthbank. We can also ask Bus Company if they would be willing to take a detour into Forthbank on match days.

It was agreed that CO approach the University with a view to setting up a stall in Freshers week in early September and to put flyers on notice boards. It was noted that we might be able to negotiate discounts for Board members to use University facilities.

Consideration will also be given to High School participation.
Open Day
Informal approaches have been made for the Young Reds, Supporters Club and Trust to get together to resurrect the open day at Forthbank. NE pointed out that he has attended similar events at Firhill, in fact there is an open day this weekend. He will attend and pick up pointers on what activities are successful.

After discussion it was agreed that we participate in this event, a joint meeting will be set up. It was noted that it is entirely dependent on approval from the Club. CO and GH will represent the Trust.

The provisional date for the open day is 27 July 2003.
Any Other Business
Supporters Direct July Newsletter. – DK has agreed to write article about move from Annfield to Forthbank, emphasising the soulless nature of all seated stadiums.

Royal Radio – it was agreed that we donate £50 in return for advertising.

Trust Newsletter No 2 – GH is preparing the newsletter. Articles will include Player of the Year, details of Bingo Night, Club Rules and Conditions, article from Young Reds. GH passed round a template for examination.

Local Businesses – NR suggested we target local business for membership and added that he was prepared to produce a spreadsheet of business addresses if we could find ways of gathering in the information. JT and GH will look into this.

The teamsheet from Elgin City was passed round. It was noted that Local businesses contribute £150 for advert around border. There are approx. 20 businesses advertising. NR also detailed discussions with Elgin officials regarding Sports Dinner which raised substantial sums for the Club. It was noted that T Chillas organised similar events for Stirling Albion some years ago. It took a lot of organising and was perhaps a bit ambitious for us to do meantime.

Race Night – details were given of the kind of money that can be raised at Race Nights, consider this later.
Next Board meeting
AGREED that this would be held at the Halfway House on Tuesday 3rd June 2003, commencing at 7.30 p.m. We will invite the Club, supporters club and Young Reds to attend, in order to explore the Open Day.