Minutes of Meeting: 18th March 2003

Minutes of Society Board meeting held on 18th March 2003, Halfway House, Stirling
Secretary: Richard King (in Jim Thomson’s Absence

Present: Robert Cunningham, David Gardner, Linda Graham, Graham Hamilton, Dick King, Sandy Morton, Colin Ogilvie, and Nelson Robertson

Apologies: John Buchan, Neil Emslie, Murray MacLeod, Jim Thomson

Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Dick welcomed Board members to the meeting.

He indicated that he had contacted Supporters Direct for information as to how long typically it would take for our registration to come through now that we had submitted the signed documentation to Cobbetts. James Proctor had told him that it was usually 4-6 weeks, assuming no hold-ups.
Minutes of Board meeting held on 20 February 2003
These were AGREED, subject to the first word at the top of Page 3 being amended from “Graham” to “Nelson” (Minute 5 – Fundraising).

It was noted that approval of the minutes for the Board meeting on 16 January 2003 would need to be considered at the next meeting once these had been made available by the Secretary.
Election of Office Bearers
It was proposed by David Gardner and seconded by Robert Cunningham that the existing office bearers be elected en bloc viz. Dick King – Chairman; Graham Hamilton – Vice Chairman; Jim Thomson – Secretary; and Sandy Morton – Treasurer.

This was unanimously AGREED.
Periods of Office of Board Members
It was AGREED that the order of retirement would be deferred for discussion at the next Board meeting.
Treasurer’s Report
Sandy Morton reported on the state of the finances and dealt with questions.
Matched Funding
Having regard to the small amount that could so far be claimed from Supporters Direct, it was AGREED that this would be considered further after registration had been confirmed.
Invitations to co-optees to join Board
AGREED that an invitation be sent to Stirling Council to appoint someone to serve on the Trust’s Board.

It was further AGREED that we issue no further invitations at this stage, but keep in mind possibilities of inviting representatives from the local Chamber of Commerce and the Club.

David Gardner and Colin Ogilvie agreed to act as liaisons between the Trust, and Supporters Club and Young Reds respectively.
Player Sponsorship
Lengthy discussion ensued about the action of the Club in cashing a personal cheque from Jim Thomson yet failing to activate the sponsorship of Mark McNally as we had desired.

Subject to further consultation with Jim, it was AGREED that the Club be written to in suitable terms, giving a 7-day time limit for a response as to whether sponsorship would be activated through the first available matchday programme – and if not, why not? In the latter event, we would make it clear that we would expect a cheque in the appropriate sum within 7 days, failing which would leave the way open to resort to other options open to us.
Relationship with the Club
It was AGREED that the Chairman write to his counterpart seeking responses to the points put to him at the meeting on 11 December 2002, given there were no earthly reasons for testing our patience any further.
Webmaster’s report on the Website
Colin reported on progress and was congratulated on what he had achieved so far.

It was AGREED that photos of Board members appear on the website to aid identification by existing Trust members and others at matches. Colin would bring a digital camera to the next Board meeting.
Responding to a question, Dick said that contact had yet to be made with the designer of the logo regarding the offer of publicity on the Website.
Approval was given to the quiz sheet prepared by David Gardner. Graham would add logo and Email to Board members. It would be important to get the quiz sheet into the hands of all members.

A sportsman’s dinner was discussed and was something to be considered for next winter.

One registered, consideration might be given to a golf tournament involving other Trusts, perhaps hosted at Stirling Golf Club.

It was AGREED that we have a car or cars at a car boot sale on Sunday, 4 May, 2003 depending on the weather. It was important for Board members and others to turn out their unwanted stuff for sale.

David reported that the cost of running a CD fair was prohibitive and, therefore, out of the question.

Robert exposed his ideas for having a prize bingo event which might bring in £800 gross or £600 net once the hire of the hall, purchase of books/tickets etc was taken into account. 36 prizes would be needed – 12 @ £5, 12 @ £10, and 12 @ £15. Since participants were likely to be middle-aged or older, it would be important to pitch the prizes accordingly. Board members present agreed to put up one £15 prize each. Target date for the event would be some 6-8 weeks time. Publicity would be largely by word of mouth amongst the bingo-playing community. AGREED to take preparations forward on that basis.
Getting into the community
Discussion centred upon how at some stage in the future we could provide tangible assistance to group(s) in the community in the matter of football activity. Identifying suitable groups might be difficult.

AGREED that we need to build up our fund base, and await the appointment by Stirling Council of a co-optee who would be likely assist in identifying areas of greatest need.
Supporters’ Club end of season dinner
Noting that this was to take place at McQ’s on 16 May 2003, it was proposed, subject to the agreement of the Supporters’ Club, to put up a trophy for, say, most improved player or the like.

AGREED in principle that this was a good idea. Graham would get a brochure from the trophy shop whilst David would follow up the matter with the Supporters Club, particularly to establish approval and a suitable category of award.
Next Board meeting
AGREED that this would be held at the Halfway House on Tuesday 15 April 2003, commencing at 7.30 pm.