Minutes of Meeting: 15th April 2003

utes of Society Board meeting held on 15th April 2003, Halfway House, Stirling
Secretary: Jim Thomson

Present: Robert Cunningham, David Gardner, Linda Graham, John Buchan, Jim Thomson, Dick King, Sandy Morton, Colin Ogilvie, Nelson Robertson and Crawford Logan
Apologies: Graham Hamilton, Murray MacLeod, Neil Emslie, Jimmy Watson
Chairman’s Opening Remarks
The Chairman had already intimated that he would be late in arriving. The meeting was delayed to allow his arrival.

He welcomed those present.

Minutes of Board meeting held on 18 March 2003
These were accepted

Matters Arising:

Period of office for Board Members. – Agreed to carry over this item and discuss when a full complement of members are present.
Co-option of Board members. It was agreed to approach Stirling Council.
Player Sponsorship – This matter was discussed with the Club, due to a misunderstanding by the Club, it was not printed in programme. The Club suggested that the Sponsorship would carry forward to next season.
Relationship with Club – overtaken by events, a meeting was held with the Club last week. To be discussed later as formal agenda item.
Web-site – Colin has updated the site, includes minutes of all meetings. The Rules of the Society will be posted and recent photos. Colin was congratulated on the layout. The new address for the site is www.safcst.org.uk
Logo – outstanding.
Quiz sheets were handed out to Board members. A discussion followed on whether to E-Mail all members. It was generally agreed that we would lose control by this method. D Gardner will be able to sell them at a karaoke on Thursday.
Car Boot Sale – individuals were asked to set aside any articles they want rid of. M MacL has offered premises to store the items. GH has agreed to organise the details on return from holiday.
Laminated Posters – discuss at future meeting.
Bingo Night. RC and LG gave an update on progress. 110 tickets sold to date, Green Room, Thursday 15th May at 7.30am. The capacity is limited to 200 persons. Will arrange advert in local press. RC will contact Club to see if they will allow advert in ground. Essential that people come along, Raffle prizes are being collected. Board members agreed to donate £15.00. Bingo equipment is being borrowed from Causewayhead BC. Board members asked to update ticket sales by Saturday
Feedback on meeting with Club
The meeting was organised by Keith Russell of Stirling Council. He opened the meeting. It was attended by P McKenzie; P Gardiner; J Smith and M Hamlyn, representing the Club and J Buchan; D King; S Morton and J Thomson representing the Trust. James Proctor of Supporters Direct was also in attendance

K Russell explained that rental negotiations were ongoing and the final agreement was dependant on the Club accepting some form of involvement with the Community. Stirling Council felt that involving the Supporters Trust would meet that requirement.

James Proctor explained the role of Trusts where already established in England and Scotland and gave update on discussions with SFA.

The Club then asked what the aims of the Trust were. D King referred to the earlier informal meeting he and S Morton had held with the Club. The Trust would assist the Club in fund-raising and other activities to promote the Club within the community. The Dumbarton example was quoted. Their Trust took over the running of the Programme, while the Club held Editorial right. The Trust organised advertising, sponsorship and sales, thus reducing the workload of the Club.

The Club were asked what they thought of the proposals. They would like to consider the implications, but thought involvement with the Youth set up might be advantageous. Mention was made of Stewarding, Staffing Turnstiles and Cleaning/Decorating. The Club Directors were not sure that shares could be made available due to the current financial situation of the Club.

The Club were reminded of the emotional attachment of share ownership.

There was no decision made at the meeting. Stirling Council needs to conclude rental negotiations by June and suggested another meeting is held in May 2003.

Following debate on the above, it was agreed that D King and N Robertson prepare a list of issues to be raised with Club at next meeting.

This was AGREED.

Currently 92

Secretaries Report
The Trust is now formally constituted. D King will prepare an electronic version of the Constitution.

An application has been made for a gaming licence.

Details of Supporters Direct meeting to be held in April were passed round.

Treasurers Report
S Morton circulated a written report.

Any Other Business
Supporters Club Dance – to be held in McQ’s, Bannockburn. £14 per ticket. It was agreed that Trust would put up a trophy, subject to agreement of Supporters Club. After discussion it was agreed the category would be “Most improved Player”.

D Gardner was able to contact Jimmy (Supporters Club) who agreed to presentation of trophy. Agreed we would spend £25-£30 including engraving.

Scottish Federation of Football Supporters’ Clubs at the Golden Lion the event on 27 April 2003 It was agreed that we would try to be represented and D Gardner said that he would attend if possible. Also agreed that if anyone else could attend they should let DK know this weekend.

James Proctor’s EMail of 14 April was noted especially in relation to the Supporters’ Direct event proposed for Dundee on 1 June 2003. D Gardner and J Buchan expressed interest in going and it was agreed they would respond by weekend or soon thereafter (as would anyone else who is interested in going), and with preferred topics for discussion. Preference for an afternoon rather than a morning event.

James Proctor’s Email would also be considered by Board members once they had accessed it.

It was proposed and agreed that we should donate a prize for the forthcoming Charity Day organised by the Halfway House in recognition of the facilities made available to the Trust at no charge.

It was also proposed and agreed that we should give some free publicity to the Halfway House on our website – again in recognition of the free facilities.

It was proposed and agreed that at the next Board meeting we should consider how to involve students from the University in the Club and the Trust. This to be placed on next Agenda.