The Stirling Albion Supporters’ Trust was officially launched on 22 September 2002 at a public meeting held in the King Robert Hotel, Stirling.

The impetus for the launch had its birth at a meeting several weeks earlier of a large group of dedicated supporters of Stirling Albion Football Club who harboured deep-seated concerns about the fortunes of the Club, both on and off the field.

On the field in the season then just concluded (2001/2), Stirling Albion had plummeted to its lowest ever level, finishing next to bottom of Scottish League Division 3. Furthermore, the financial state of the Club gave rise to grave doubts about its future existence and many feared that it might no longer remain a viable entity in senior Scottish football. Last, but not least, there were no established channels of communication enabling free exchanges of views between those at the Club charged with its management and the rank and file supporters without whom the Club simply could not exist. The vacuum thus created had given rise to much disgruntlement amongst supporters who were unable to pose questions directly to those in a position to give answers on issues concerning the future direction of the Club.

And so the Trust was conceived as a not-for-profit organisation run by its members, acting on decisions taken by its members. Much credit must go to Supporters Direct in general and James Proctor (its Scottish Development Officer) in particular for the guidance and assistance given to us in the run up to and following the launch meeting on 22 September 2002.

In laymen’s terms, the aims of the Trust can best be quantified thus:

  • to assist in the improvement of the Club’s finances by raising funds, by raising awareness of the existence of the Club in the local community and thereby encouraging greater paying support through the turnstiles
  • to promote community involvement in Stirling Albion and in football at grassroots level, particularly amongst youngsters – the potential lifeblood of the Club now and in the future
  • to establish effective channels of communication to permit regular views to be exchanged between Stirling Albion supporters and the decision-makers at the Club on issues of the moment
  • to explore with the Club ways and means of co-operating with each other to ensure that its future in senior Scottish football is assured
  • The Trust has a number of Board members who, acting collectively, manage and implement decisions taken at meetings to which all members are invited from time to time (known as General meetings).

Total transparency and openness is the order of the day! The Trust has nothing to hide and is absolutely representative of the views of its members.

Membership is open to people of all ages – an application form can be obtained from here.

Details of forthcoming General meetings are notified in advance individually to each Trust member, and additionally through the local press.

Meetings of Board members take place roughly every 6-8 weeks. All Board meetings are open to all Trust members to attend. Whilst non-Board members cannot participate and vote at Board meetings, they have the opportunity to observe proceedings at first hand. Board meetings are publicised before the event on this website.

The Supporters Trust has now moved – please visit it here, this site is live purely for informational purposes – http://www.safctrust.org.uk/